Direct LOGIC PLC – an international brand from Japan

We independently developed the KOSTAC PLC, a workplace-oriented stage-type programmable controller, and are providing this easy-to-use product to customers around the world. An identical-concept SFC programming method is used in PLC IEC/JIS standards, testifying to the international recognition of its superiority. Now is truly the information age, and we are providing variety of open network solutions to the worldwide customer through our global brand “Direct Logic PLC”.



DirectLOGIC 05/06

DirectLOGIC 205 Series

DirectLOGIC 305

DirectLOGIC 405

Terminator I/O Module


Koyo PLC Programming Software

DirectSOFT 5

Handheld Programmers

Technical and Purchase support

This is the support information page which is aimed for customer who is thinking the purchase of our products or who already purchased.
This page offer our General catalog, Technical manual, list of products that have accreditation mark, and etc. Information of Discontinued Model Numbers is available from this page, too.

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